Wednesday, July 04, 2012

4th july

Gta joined back lot of chat at home brought me small red puppy and some mixure;NRN failed again so entire days planning got hayway;read Gta brothers poetry and sent Resume to her bro also seen vijayas fb pics etc; emails collected from friends; ashwins; chandra;

Some sprinters banana eating news who has beaten Bolt potasium;Evening managed to send courier to Chengaiah and collected few cell numbers of wall posters on the way aruments due to slow swcooter ride later checked them on google. Net continued to be very slow at home triggering lot of time wastage;
called satish fixed appaointment for tommorow;Gta;chandra;sankyo;saved logos from archive again at sadgun also noted that net was very speed with that system to note number ;(days id shivaslist);Night net R& D did on alexa again new ids to fold were payseal;nangaspace;tyroodr; surprised to see alexa ranks;

Night disturbance again and missed night dose of insulin; Read sulekha founders about us info;NRN confirmed his trip to hyd;Some of the nizamabad clients added to lablels;Owner aunty was seen at my home and in the morning some aruguments with neibours water usage and ultimatums;No income day but what did i gain really?Chalapathi called at night in a depressed stage re assured him ; Some discovery about life at T V news? tweeted about olympics; Gta talking over cell phone outside long time and left hand handling annoyed me much; Complaint about bad smell by Gta?;
Days target of reading days classifieds on news papers failed;


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