Monday, June 25, 2012

24 th june

Rx things; padmanabhan tried with ranjeet;MACHIAVELLIANISM (originalvel fleeting glance was sucessful)new story jockpot barely missed;;Golimaster tip c.rajendra was successful; backed sridhar reddys 2 mounts;chalapthi gave some thing further cajoled him further; failed make any impression with Sridhar;impressed Chalapthi gained his confidence; very busy from the morning yet managed the things;success anyway; 2 of the best chances missed; 2o of first timers ran; in colts first timers failed to impress; Old age was clearly visible this time at HRC;This time to memebrs area comfort noted;Triple indulgence for the day due to over exitement;lodhagardenia new id for the day;morning one web site for punting tips seen;race framings and emotion of punters read;


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