Wednesday, June 13, 2012

13th june

Morning activated Kiran he responded with stationary and that prooved a sucess again new hope later seen most of  discount directory listings;;managed to  buy cephalexin,brush by evening ;Gta managed to pay electric bills;Files on Computer scanned and organised;Hand was painful;good assurance and hope given by GTa at home;posted PICS at blog and also seen cropping them etc;Debutants won at longer odds listed out;
Most important thing  of the day is at Gollapalli Kokkanti ramanaiah fimily properties are divided; chalapathis tour changed suddenly that seems to be big set back;

Market calles made;
1.SRO  Ok
2.DW-Redhills ok to list it again;
4.Mahaveer assistant
5.travels Redhills
6.tent red hills


Ph calls made;

Calls to me

12 th June

Morning Dasa at home power cut at 9 am to 10 am;Morning few of gollapalli pics posted to blogs;Activated Kiran and he took to his office by poor byke ride seen new book of discounts new hope for adverticements Prakash also called up no support from srn; lot of Data seems to be at site;Night met astrologer long political chat with him he prepared dates he is also rx guy;  Return bus journey was tough and tiresome;Chalapathi called as usual; total day gone with this activity;
My calls gandhi,Ramachandra;cheng;

13 th june;
debutants won of this season prepared; 15 districts Document writers data on hand;

ontimitta info debutants won on bangalore summer

Vontimitta is a mandal head quarters in Cuddapah district, Andhra PradeshIndia.Vontimitta is located about 28 kilometers from the city of Kadapa and close to the town of Rajampet. It is a place of historical and cultural importance and is home to a 450 year old temple of Bhagawan Sree Rama known as the Sri Kodandarama Swamy temple. According to the legend, the temple had constructed by two devotees of Lord Rama, named Vontudu and Mittudu, in one single day. After constructing the temple, they sacrificed their lives and turned into statues. You can find those statues, even now, at the entrance of the temple. Lord Rama statue was established by Lord Jambavanta. And it is the only place in India,where the Sree Seeta Rama kalyanam will be held in the night.

This picture is very famous for this temple

Ontimitta temple

vilager kittu(kistaiah) from gollapally

I took this picture in my village snake got disturbed when flash from my camera was on thanks to that guy he helped me to get rid of that snake bite;

1.10th June ratham  dhariwal r vaibhav(carducci fav)
2..attribute 3rd
3.Equine lover sandesh 4/1
4.absolute majority (s narredu D.K Ashish)


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