Sunday, June 10, 2012

10th June post

Had nice sleep;>>Odds checked;edited yesterdays *blog and posted; *surprise bonus from bag
New things word seen at blog;
7.40 now;ok

News papers pls;first.... Break fast next....Rx preparation pls!
***Days  Rx planning & preparation??
Fish or chicken to decide....
whats the plan and advanced plannings for the day?
>>>Chalapathi;and sridhar will call up; by 10.30

loss at Rx; but new points got;to decide weather Favrite can win or second favrite can win and back;
6 of the fav won;Lifes first run to take care;after 2 runs its power is known;let it drift;  Drop of the coin today ;opp home atta bag;
Days Use GTA
followup.. .....Marriage and property issues chikkadpally temple/
Manage days income...renewals at begumpet;erragadda;
Scooter repair...
try to post pics of gollapalli
Try for Raju
called gandhi,srn,cheng,satish;
posted yesterdays blog;


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