Friday, June 08, 2012

8th june home coming day!

1.Reached home by unskilled auto guy very slow 2*snehas fathers comment surprising for my long tour quickly renued meetup with 3*narsing Rao and 4*rinas mom and 5*RK by night;6.*Insulin was gone due to heat exposure 7*.rushed to buy new dose of Insulin *cephalexin dose took *B.P tablets are ready for whole month unexpected decicion and so *volini gel but had to go by auto expensive one and poor planning; 8.later*paid Photon bill 9.*unlimited usage details knownin the bargain  this is welcome sign for the day;10.This year  *Income "vs" expenses analysed shortly but still minus;11.*Quickly posted  pending blogs looked bit organised;;called 12.*Apollo guy not hopeful;sent mail to13.* nutnspices;sent 14.*resme to zen quick resonce had;felt uneasy;so decided 15.*stay back at home;16*long discussions at home with GTA about village trip i need to bit more careful in comments etc.17.after power shut down had to be faced mercilesly;18.answered sunithas call;

19.Arrnaged *cephalexin,*milk,*Tea Powder *water and some pulses to home;*Electri bill was too heavy and surprising?24.*Counted visiting cards of recent visit;
25.Bangalore summer *videos *sun *devine Borak rx;*Plenipotent were very exiting;

>>>26.*Satish,27 *Kiran and Ajay have failed to meet;discomfort by 28.Chalapthi followed up;29.Satyas support is new hope again for the day;
*Called Chengaiah gave offer also called 30.Ramachandra;called Satya had good hope for 31.Dital marketing;
32.Managed to walk to Chikkadpally and buy* rx book and prepare;
33*devasthalihotels new id;Some objection call from 34*Nuzvid;
35 *gtas contributions tiffen,lunch,dinner butter milk and few more eatables and arranging things and services need to be taken care by evening felt weak even after fluids intake;36.Great success of the day is reduced intake to improve upon further;But expenses were too heavy; 15 richest countries details seen on yahoo! heat was more during night too;37.Things at home were rearranged;K fans were continued to add up further;

6th june

Mostly at tirupati;Met syam mama;booked rly ticket to hyd by Simhapuri on Tatkal;

7th boring day slept mostly at lodge;evening started to Gudur;Met Chalapathi;Chengaiah started to hyd  by night


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