Wednesday, May 30, 2012

22nd may

22nd May
Left Gudur;Met Gopal Suneetha;6 days blogs posted;25 ppl met;TRansfered cash to Gta;seen rx results;7 l auburn beauty;Bad words need to be stopped;Surprise guidance from MK;Satyam gave pwd;harshini prabhakars daughter;

23 may; Met Gopal krishna sir and told; late night to rajampet;

24 may; Gta reached Rajampet introduced to MOM;

25 Me and mama to gollapalli arrangements did at Ontimitta returned to rajampet by night;small shoutings at home;

26 th may; new slippers purchased left rajampet;reached gollapalli;small hick up there but later Ok;

27th jatara day;with difficulty managed to arrange things;prahlada;pullaiah;pullaiah attanded;
some pics took;nightcall from sai from Pune;night menace lungie sleep;

28 th monday;Managed to clear shamiana things and reached Kadapa and retired;Long chat with Bharathi and post guy;Kamalakars call was surprising;chengaiah followup;bundh related tentions;

29th;  Prahladas dynamics;got close with krishna family;assurance bawa effect;seen krishna marriage video;break down of Bottle related tention; lot of pics seen at krishna home; dropped Gta at night;
Chalapathi and Chengaiahas calls continued; rushing things at night;


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