Tuesday, May 22, 2012

14th may post

morning work at kadapa fetched 2 closings;later started to kadapa; evening work at kadpa also fetched 2 more closings;Called kistaiah and Akka,Babu;

15th may post;
 after morning work left to gollapally spent time there seen mitta and other lands met villagers returned back to kadapa by night;Success had from trip;

16th; may
Kadapa land seen;met prahlad etc; good success at night work;

17th  headed to Rajampet and retired;discussions had with mom and Mama;
18 th headed to tirupati;left luggage there met chengaiah there and retired;met jana so one disagreements got patchedup;
19th Saturday Morning headed to gudur from there to Chennai back by night;Gta activated at travel for odds success had;marriage  temple EO and guidance from Chalapathi had;
20th sunday to chennai back by night;days new knowledge is C alford successor,long layoff failure story;auburn beauty and Chalapathis pressure to back known;16/10 place missed for c.john;Reading eye glass forgotten;
21st may
Most of the day at Gudur evening boredom lodge boy trouble;night roasting at lodge;


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