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friends book movie review

>A group of friends develop a software application that could be used for social networking site Facebook to prevent users from using fake identities and take unsuspecting people for a ride. The 'group leader'>Suryawho alone has the password for the newly-developed application mysteriously dies in a road accident. Is it an accident or murder?
Six friends, who grew up together, decide to take up something challenging in life. For many reasons, they are unhappy with the jobs they do. Real estate Raja  who is not educated like the rest and has absolutely no knowledge of computers, goes all out to fund a project that could help weed out people with fake identities from the social networking site. The friends start work on Raja's idea.

There's a reason why Raja feels such a software application is undertaken.  (Nischal) can't help but fall for every girl who comes his way. He befriends a girl on the social networking site and when he tracks her down to her house, to his horror, he discovers 'she' is a 'he'. Raja and the others make fun of him, but the incident gives rise to the idea of the new software.

Everyone is excited about the software application that is being developed and Surya (Surya), who is the 'group leader' even gets a Facebook senior functionary, Srinath Mahalingam (Suresh) in the US, interested in this idea. While the friends are on their way to the airport, tragedy strikes. Surya meets with an accident and dies.

The friends cannot come to terms with the death of a dear friend and when they examine his phone, they find a voice recording of the last call Surya took. The voice is that of Jessica, who turns out to be a brain mapping specialist. Mysterious as it sounds, it is she who appears responsible for his death. With the police, the friends rush to Jessica's house only to find her dead body. Surya's murder turns even more mysterious. The question really also is: Who killed Jessica?

Director R P Patnaik has chosen the backdrop of social networking to tell a murder mystery in a gripping manner. While the value of friendship is something that he stresses upon, the more important message that is conveyed is to make proper use of social networking sites. He also gets the Nigerian letter frauds into focus with a character who falls into the trap.

With practically all newcomers as the 'friends', the director was able to extract the right performance from each of them. If the mass masala movies offers stuff that is so predictable in the form of raunchy numbers or bloodshed, 'Friendsbook' is refreshing. The first half appeared to drag a bit, but as the mystery deepens, it could be an edge-of-the-seat thriller.

avengers movie review

In one word ... wow. ‘The Avengers’ is one of the best 3D movies released to date - the detail and special effects right up until the end credits are superb. Director Joss Whedon (‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’‘Angel’‘Serenity’) makes the mismatched characters from different worlds work. Packed full of action and humour, it is a standalone film anyone who enjoys great cinema can watch without having seen the rest of the Marvel films.

mirror mirror movie review

Movie Review: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Well, this time it's not Snow White, but the evil Queen herself. Yes, there have been many Snow White fairly tales that have cast their spell on Hollywood's silver screen in the past, but then never ever have we witnessed this fairy tale from the POV of the evil Queen. This is perhaps your chance to know what happens to the not-so-fairy-Queen  in fairyland. 

The Queen has cast a spell on the king, she now wants to marry a young Prince... who just can't take his eyes of Princess Snow White (Lily Collins). Snow White is on a mission to save her kingdom from the evil shackles of the Queen, of course with the help of the seven dwarfs and the love of her life, Prince Alcott . This is what we know. Now for what we do not know. Prince Alcott and Princess Snow White in the new ice age meet in a rather 'compromising' situation. The Queen stammers and just cannot take her eyes off the young Prince each time he appears shirtless. Snow White takes pride in defeating her Prince Charming in a battle of the swords -- if need be she is all out to punch him too. Though a figure of utmost righteousness, Snow White does not hesitate to 'steal' (read kidnap) her Mr Right to lip lock for the first time ever, and ultimately settle down in marriage. Lastly, no one here seems to believe in the most apt fairy tale concept of living peacefully ever after. It's naach gaana Bollywood style, courtesy desi director Tarsem Singh, that finally brings an end to the great royal tamasha. Different. Contemporary. Interesting. 

racha movie review

There is a village called Rayadurgam. Raghupati (Nazar) and Suryanarayana (Parthiban), the two good friends of, get killed when they were discussing about a ritual to be held for the welfare of the village at the Rachabanda. Scene shifts to another place. Betting Raju (Ram Charan Teja) is the foster son of a couple (MS Narayana and Sudha). He ekes out his living by accepting challenges and winning the bets. Once he At this juncture, Raju’s father suffers lever cancer and he needs a lot of money to save him. James comes to his rescue, who challenges Raju to win the heart of Chaitra (Tamanna) and take away Rs 20 lakh. Raju agrees to the challenge. Chaitra is the daughter of Ballari (Mukhesh Rushi), a mafia don. Raju starts luring Chaitra and succeeds in it to realise that her life is in threat and her don father is not her original father. However, the real story is something different. What is it? What is the relationship between Raju and Chaitra? Who killed Raghupati-Suryanarayana? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.

Devasthanam movie review

Story: Srimannarayana (K.Vishwanath) is a famous Samaritan lives alone as there is no one to take care of him. He always worried that who is going do his final rites after his death. He spends life in temples by answering devotee’s questions.
In his daily life style he meets a middle class man Samba Murthy (SP Balasubramanyam), and they become good mates as time passed. Saraswathi (Amani) is Samba Murty’s wife. Srimannarayana asks Samba Murthy to take care of his cremation, Samba Murthy don’t want to that but accepts his request as it is a his last wish. After some days seeing the life of Srimannarayana, Samba Murthy understands what exactly the life is.
Mean while Samba Murthy becomes a writer and writes some lyrics. Samba Murthy takes his lyrics into public as Hari kathas in functions and religious events, as Srimannarayana also like those songs he also renders them as Hari Kathas in temples. These songs of Samba Murthy earn good fame in the public. Srimannarayana and Samba Murthy are become very popular for their songs and they start earning thousands on those songs. They start a trust with the name ‘Sarve Jana Sukhino Bavanthu’ and the money earned on this will be used for the development of temples and for the sake of Purohits. When everything goes good a tragedy occurs and the situation arises that Samba Murthy alone should take care of Hari kathas. What is the tragedy and how Samba Murthy alone handles the situations forms rest of the story.

hate story movie review

For a Bollywood debut, Paoli Dam could not have asked for a better deal. The actress who is a known name in Kolkatta has an author-backed role focusing on her character. And to be fair, she does make an impact with her performance. You can’t term it as a ‘wow debut’, but it certainly is a decent performance.

There is no novelty in the story. It is the usual vendetta saga. Kaavya (Paoli Dam) is a newspaper reporter. Along with the help of her friend Vicky (Nikhil Dwivedi), she exposes a scam in a firm dealing in cement. Siddharth (Gulshan Devaiah), the MD of the firm is chastised by his father and asked to set the record straight in 12 hours. He manages to convince the CEO to take the blame. That settled, he offers Kaavya a promising deal in his company. He convinces her that he is impressed with her talent.

Soon, she helps him seal a bigger deal and within a month, she finds herself thrown out from the organization after being humiliated. This after Siddharth has lured her into his bed. Then begins the cat and mouse game, with Kaavya wanting to avenge her humiliation and bring Siddharth to his knees for betraying her trust.

While the premise for revenge is promising, the method is a little baffling. Why would Kaavya want the services of the most expensive ‘call girl’ to understand the art of faking? Or, why would she want to be a prostitute to get at Siddharth. Vivek Agnihotri gets off the track here by trying to infuse some oomph. But he has done enough of that in the seduction scene between Siddharth and Kaavya! In short, Kaavya need not have indulged in prostitution to get even. That is a big letdown.

Gulshan Devaiah who was first seen in THAT GIRL IN YELLOW BOOTS throws in another spectacular performance. He has an equal amount of screen time with Paoli. Nikhil is relegated to the background but there is no awkwardness in his performance. He is comfortable playing second fiddle to a female lead.

battleship movie review

It is yet another $200 million Hollywood movie about an alien invasion. It is stuffed with all the familiar elements of the genre, from characterisations to dialogues, visual effects to animation, and everything else. It has nothing new to offer in terms of ideas, story, and plot. It looks like a ‘B’ grade movie with terrible performances by its actors who are poorly supervised by the film’s director Peter Berg. 
BATTLESHIP exemplifies the serious crisis of ideas that has hit Hollywood. It apparently relies on big money and its marketing machine and might to sell such bad products worldwide to recover the cost of its humongous follies in one weekend swoop. I have doubts if it will work in this case and if BATTLESHIP will be able to do even a fraction of what THE HUNGER GAMES could. 

19th April post

Morning josh started with Kamalakars call;followed by syams call;Did lot of think process at home on income levels;Very late to field work;Covered redhills and stopped work and retired; redhills sro gave new idea to email;
Watched ipl matches at night;lot of ads in eenadu at morning;
20th April post;

Mostly at home as Gta was not there;Started to mail all sros good task for the day mailed to almost 200 ppl results to be watched;Purchased Insulin;Night ticket booked;


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