Monday, March 26, 2012

26th march post

10 good summer foods identified;
1.Corn;2.Elachi;3.ButterMilk;4.Apricot;5.Amla;;7.Oyster;8.Peaches;9.Soyabeans;Wtwer melon;Roshan medical shop guy;enquired details janatha bar; paid 2k as rent;
Attended thyaga raya gana sabha;and ashok nagar park; Hunger pangs throught the day;
Roshan medical shop boy inter;Disturbnce of some bundh;My best catches of the season;prepare for tour; Purchased camera cells;volini gel;seen repair of drianage near narayan guda;Total rest day; Gta was absent;

25 th sunday march post

GTa left to received her sister unable to eat tiffen looks like sun stroke;Heavy body pains throught the day and un easy;Chalapthi came in ac cab and kept luggage at home seen my house;Sudden call from gandhi to attend some real estate function;Some back pain;Yet another flop day for chalapthi but prakash doubl had;Lot of discussions with him at Madhusala;Dropped him at sec stn;srinivas reddy food guy got introduced ;Chalpathi promise had for future funding;purchased biscuits at bakery;


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