Saturday, March 10, 2012

the dirty picture movie review

Vidya Balan disappears; it's Silk that emerges on screen. And though the PR machinery may have given one the impression of this film being one of sex and sleaze, it is not. In fact, this subject has been packaged in a sublime manner giving it the respect it deserves and making us wonder what really lies behind the glamour and gloss. It's not right to pass judgment because you don't know what the other person is going through, or the circumstances that has brought her to the place she is. Everyone has a choice, right. But we all make mistakes. And this film is not about glorifying a mistake. Rather, it addresses the plight of an upcoming actress.

Terrific would be one word to sum up the dialogues. Keeping in mind the mood and the era, Rajat enhances the characters with lines that will have the audience whistling in delight. Sample this: As Silk plants an affectionate kiss on one of her fans, the delirious lad states: 'Start kar ke chod di.' Or when she is in the process of seducing the ageing superstar Suryakant (Naseeruddin Shah) in his vanity van: 'Tuning karne par band barabar bajegi.' Or this gem when she has managed to seduce Suryakant's brother Ramakant (Tusshar Kapoor): 'Border pe aane ke baad koi gaana gata hai kya?' There's immediate sound of gunshots! There are endless such lines that propel the film to another level.

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