Sunday, March 04, 2012

3rd march post

Morning called Satish;call from Bujji;Called NRN;Morning again tiffen at sunanda;headed to field work on the way received call from chalapathi;Auto guy helped to road to narsingi work did there 9 new offices met 15 stickers pasted new idea with a chemist then seen gandipet;Later shankarpally pasting work continued there too now 25 offices stickers work successfully completed;Enroute lot of new areas exposure;

Took a different way to come back a long journey on outer ring road;seen financial capital etc;heavy scooter travel and strain;managed to attend rx but again failure;MAM makes plan on a classic day;second is always danger;Objection at office for giving someone;
Idea of asking for pres coverage has emerged;

Night 1 hour work cafe id added many new members to blog;again stickers pasted to few more busses and plcaes;around 30 more new stickers for the day;


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