Friday, March 02, 2012

2nd march post

Morning got up at around 4 am sleep disturbance due to neibours sounds later further more trigged with sound Gta cound bare it and inturn triggered the issue so again disturbance and insecurity; net became very slow yet managed to keep few pics at blog;disturbance parampara further worsened with some marketing guy saying to meet me at office but never turned up;After reaching office spent some time there seen bangalore rx book lost interest to keep the office this time further later decided to leave from there met sekhar scooter mechanic got scooter repaired; Idea of creating team is fast becoming evaporated;felt very much tired to see aus srilankan match heavy B.p.;days ids;astralpvc;allaboutrajni; While reaching office noticed that some of the stickers have been removed;Morning called painter guy and known rates of wall;

Spent some time at sadgun and edited blog further kept nice pics at some posts net was very speed at cafe;asked maddy to signup he id it;While going to office stickering did at vijaya cottage;a/c mechanic;lady etc;shreya clinic sticker at very prominent place;;stationary shop;atm general store etc; for some time switched off my cell phone;Quite uneasy throught the day;

rina moms request? seen naringi d w report;Suguna payment request came;checked last month expenses on diary;Seen google maps and stats; seen some hits were coming for movie reviews;

1st march 2012

3 sro offices touched;gained good results;35 new stickers added for the day;missed one chance at rx due to poor preparation;paid photon;brought insulin needles;pending pics loaded at night;Edited blog further;Sofar 23 offices have been covered;


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