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love failure telugu movie review

This one is a refreshing film and how! Love Failure focuses on the entire concept of love and deals with the complexities and eccentricities of women in particular. It does appear to be biased but the real behaviour of women is beautifully portrayed with a great deal of freshness and that freshness is the narration.

Siddharth is the fulcrum and he handles it admirably with the required amount of seriousness, a forlorn look and a confused attitude is maintained through out by him lending credibility to the story. The scenes move back and forth explaining the reason for the behaviour of the couples in love and the effort they put in to patch up or the exasperation they show when they run out of patience. A fair amount of logic is shown in certain women to show how easily they change their partners like a pair of jeans while men are shown with other limitations too like posessiveness, indifference and breaking of promises.

What works for this story is it is a reflection of thoughts and feelings of the youth and adolescents and the priorities they allot for people or things in their lives. There are songs but not the regular formula ones where the hero and heroine slip into dream locations. The title in Tamil [Kadhalil Sodhapuvadu Yeppadi] which means how to mess up in love gives out a far better meaning but going by the story love failure is a good title too as it is the term that most people use and identify with.

It is not a perfect movie but the novelty and approach makes you hang on till the end, the monologues are the highlight that voice the inner feelings that almost reads like an autobiography. Love makes the world go round, the protagonist shows how the body reacts to the first brush of romance, to the small fights, misunderstandings, the pangs in waiting for each other plus the latest contemporary tiffs like the number of people they have on Facebook whose identity they dont wish to reveal, etc.

Also senior couples Suresh and Surekha Vani play people who have once loved and married and are heading for a divorce. Their coming together looks unnatural but may be the little drama is required for the story. The director handled Amala Paul and Suresh's relationship well, after the reconciliation by the parents when Amala reaches home to see the parents together, she doesn't rush to her father calling him with love or hugging him..she behaves like a adult.

The rest of the cast fit in their roles well and evoked the right dose of humour. Love Failure also subtly pinpoints the weakness of women. If a woman has a sad background, an emotional void, she seeks the affection, comfort and love, attention from a third person other than her family member unconsciously.

If the man she gets is right then she is lucky otherwise, god save her. Most women give away their career at a time when they need to concentrate on their career, they think love is life but the real secret is that they are better without such inconsiderate men. This aspect and fickle minded behaviour when Amala Paul waits to click on the 'send' button of her acceptance letter to the university in USA is an example.

The fringe could have done away with, Amala looks like the girl next door and Siddharth is cute and naive like a boy in love. He holds the attention of the people till the very end, and ironically a title with a negative meaning has worked well this time for Siddharth who doesn't depend on frills to sell his story.

Love Failure is a story for the youth straight from the heart and for the others a good time pass.

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