Saturday, February 25, 2012

rx preparation began at 8.30 pm 25th feb 2012

we originate others imitate?

MAM Smart strider ***
Mallya stromboli; No?
Wardhwan huges
vijay b shrike tolstoy ;prakash;)
(farooq rattonsey)(shroff pasqueriser)
(jaydev modi grant) (paddu dowyer)


sunday...posters plan;
sunday fish?

preparation plan...coh;
Monday plans;;
JP plan;
Load pending pics;
consolidate net;

monday plan;
days expenses vs income;
to buy insulin;
monday call gopal reddy.........for ads;

25th feb saturday; post

                                              Anam Rama narayana reddys home

                                                       hapathi  advocate gudur

Got up bit late very tire some morning(due to fan on high speed) gta was still unable to wakeup slight doubt on cash levles on purse for some time; after reading news papers doctorsscribe twitter added and signed to fans list;msrmoorthy took into hold and signed it to existing;quickly went through rx books of bangalore;kolkata;seen golismaster blog;Some kind of dental pain began unable to masticate morning tiffen properly;jodi brakers movie review posted;

What can happen today?Why there were no considerable hits from hyderabad even after coverage of 800 stickers and 300 wall posters plus twitter url redirection etc? odds seen;Yesterday missed to take pics of Haiking hotel;yesterday 100 times impvrovement of wall poster did;Further blog title edited and also edited few posts; while going to printer survey did on posters 45 places posters remained for the second day thats quite encouraging;brought home stickers from sapthagiri;pics gave for scanning but this time cafe guy made it in one form thats new thing i posted the same things to posts;
Headed for rx in hurried way; had curd rice betting trend fooled everyone in the first race but clear cut thing is 3 ppl tried thats quite evident;New point at bangalore first race; ninickel chrome;p s chouhan; first bet lost insecurity beagn;

Success at Kolkata ocean myth @ 2 and half but insuffiecient cash levels on hand poor planning must have sufficient cash levles on hand;stickers work did at hrc bravely;almost 40 of them at nice spots;

later Missed place money castro ;

lost days best c alford One more new poit gained with MAM horse ocean wish;failed c alford firt timer;

Then Chalapathi sir joined; rajni gandha continued;

Nickle chrome 8 th new point;

no cash on hand for ocean myth 9 th new point;

castro place money missed 7 th new point

3;15 (1)tried wardhawan alford kolkata and lost; 2 k gone

3.30 banaglore suraj gave back at 4 odds but this time chalapthi reduced betting by half and this is first mistake for the day; still 2 k plus(6th new point)

3.45 wrong bet at kolkata against b.prakash this is very sudden decicion but lost; at this point no loss no profit;new point (5);Not to suggest such things;

4.00pm another mistake by not backing suraj at 3/1 odds backed only 1 k on suraj;
backed 4 k on p s chouhan so 1 k minus at this point;double mistake;new point(4)

5.00pm place betting won;again no loss potion;again bad strategy;new point(3)next 2 bets lost so anothr 4 k loss;(wrong choice not backing p s chouhan;)new point (2)
c.alford won at kolkata;wardhawan mount missed;new point for the day (1)

9 new points gained for the day; surprise is chalapathi sir gave amount at last; 2 books got;scooter trouble had to be faced;gta told cell was switched off;

called poster guy nagaraj for sunday posters;bought few needed things for home;GTa paid landline bill;gta brought water bottles;

sudden arguments erupted at home for vegitables; That boy; that lady;on return tailors wish;

ejoyed shopping of vegitables specially Onions;

jodie brakers movie review

Director: Ashwini Chaudhary
Cast: Madhavan, Bipasha Basu

Jodi Breakers is set on the premise that relationships have gone fragile in modern times and chemistry between several contemporary couples fail after a point in time. That's what is happening with films as well. Most of them fail to have a connect with the audience and even the ones that do are only partially successful. Like this one!

Sid (Madhavan) is a divorcee and a divorce expert - he helps people seeking divorce, for a fee. With Sonali (Bipasha Basu), he forms a clandestine company of Jodi Breakers who help such incompatible couples go their separate ways, without any legal complications. On one such assignment to Greece, they wrongly split a couple in love (Milind Soman - Dipannita Sharma). Seized with guilt pangs, they subsequently decide to reunite the duo to make up for their mistake. And in process they themselves also expectedly fall in love.
Jodi Breakers derives its basic essence from 2010's surprise hit Band Baaja Baaraat, though ironically while that film was set on the backdrop of wedding planning business; this one has the backdrop of wedding breakup business. But beyond that the basic plot-points in the narrative of both films bear a striking resemblance. Like Sid and Sonali maintain a purely professional relationship until they indulge into an impulsive lovemaking session just before the interval. Thereafter the awkwardness between them and the guy's non-committal outlook is clearly evocative of the Yash Raj film. Moreover, like in that film, the estranged couple consequently comes together only for that one last assignment out of professional compulsions.

Talking about the chemistry between Madhavan and Bipasha, while it's not bad, it's nothing more than functional. The long-drawn-out kissing sequence or the one-night stand between them works only peripherally. The storytelling is such that it works towards the camaraderie between Sid-Sonali (Madhavan-Bipasha), while they are trying to rebuild the rapport between another couple (Milind Soman - Dipannita Sharma). Shifting between these two couples, the narrative loses focus and you don't know whom to empathize with more.
In the second half, the focus of the film shifts to Sid and Sonali's game plan to get the other alienated couple together. With that being the nucleus of the narrative hereon, one expects the state-of-affairs to be eventful enough. However it never goes beyond the conventional zone and lacks to give the much-needed momentum to the movie. The pace drops and at times the film ventures into super-soggy zone. Even the climax is tame though decent enough within the restricted scope of the story. The dialogues range from the funny to corny lines but the toilet humour was quite avoidable.

Madhavan takes center stage in the film and is cool, confident and convincing. Bipasha Basu is decent enough but, at times, she puts this pretense to sound cute which just doesn't suit her. Omi Vaidya doesn't get much scope beyond a scene where he repeats his 3 Idiots wrong-speech act, but to good effect. Dipannita Sharma plays her part well but is marred by partner Milind Soman who's quite expressionless. Helen is charming in her half-baked role. Mrinalini Sharma tries to play the sexy vamp but gets limited scope.

Don't expect anything path-breaking and Jodi Breakers will keep you happy for a 'couple' of hours.


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