Wednesday, February 15, 2012

16th feb post;mumbai races;thusday post;

New stickers design please;7 favrites day?

to call Gandhi; get water;mumbai rx;chalapthi sir;load new listings;
send cloth for pressing;
scan images and load them
can that idea of eating>?;
some eatables pls;savories;

load that ladiy entry;
design new stickers pls;


15th feb post

>>tom to get water to home;cover that stattion;today covered 4 sro offices covered;Morning lot of r& D did at net;Seen "war horse movie" at gvk inox new exposure;
evening power problem;Rat at home;stink;Ajay called ;gandhi called;
No news from nrn yet?;new roads and topography;Sold news papers must pay back rs 20/-
scanned 3 dailies for the day;

GTa left but called back;Lot of new categories still have been coming in;no response to stickers yet;
mumbai Rx book purchased;good card;
many comments from onepackers guy;Some stink at home;
At timesofindia;martjack add seen;
40 mts travel to that place;many stickers for the day too;one lady d w for the day 3 languages ok;
days stickers are;bag weight;14 st;exposure of places and probable future listings;
which is the powerful?;
where is the success?

document writers in medak,gajwel

Beside Sub-Registrar Office,NARSAPUR.MEDAK (DIST).

Beside Sub-Registrar Office,

document writers in anantapur

Sree Ramulu
12-3-257, 6 Cross, SAI Nagar, anantapur ho, Anantapur - 515001 | View Map
Call: +(91)-(8554)-233206

15th feb

>>>statz;071;t/k;59764;Known what i got from GTa;checked azampura entries;twitter followers for indiarace;296;
sagar pan guy enquiried few things; tom mumbai;Read yesterday left over things;
yesterday stats;were 605 thats huge;Updated income stats;
Increase pwd safety further;e g,wg,atp still undisturbed must plan to grab;Vidya balan; 4359;

days plan;
Income plus stickers;plus net consolidations with new listings;;(Boinpally; S r nagar;Kukat pally? or golkonda 4 offices)
team plans pls;
remove unnessisary images from blog;
What gta can do for me;
few more listings;
pakka future plan;for ads;
tom mumbai book;

scan 3 news papers;
sell old papers;
Scooter repair;
identy email ids of DW;

Check Fb page;watch tweets;

>>>ad embassies;guest houses;steel and cement;


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