Saturday, January 28, 2012

sat 28th Regained confidence;

28th mumbai 11th day;
gandhi failed to attend rx;Uniform betting; rs 200/- is not followed;Updated 3 days pending expenses;Call from some Ramayam pet; NRn dint call at all;
1.Mountain n dales first upset story began for the day Bad luck began; It will take long time to recover un nessisay lost bets to recover 4 of yesterday and another 3 for today;
2.Second mistake Neeraj Rawal missed to back later suffered for this; one mistake is too costly for the day
3.mountain lion third mistake for the day un nessisary bet;
4.Hennesy recovedred and fully gained confidence;Can recover if money is in hands;
5.samburu Grant big flop and gelding first time win has upsetted all calculations 4th mistake;
snow princes won but missed to back 5 th mistakeSpeed six new expecrience from this race;older horses;bookies alerted odds;luios Pasriser;not backing mountain mynah is 6 th mistake;


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