Sunday, January 22, 2012

22nd sunday

                                                        original vel ;on my bed sheet;

gta at her best;

Days best at

Days new knowledge;Mosam of vijay Mallya mumbai C.agcustus in Class apart first shock; at 5 to one;Toddywala; Quinella was good amount here; not to miss next time ;bet lost here;Money gone here.
>>>These are owners races;Rakesh kumar Wadhthawan and waryam singh rep wadhawan live stock pvt ltd);
Hills and heightsSecond shock;these are connections too;
Maple star; m a m;i chisty;Connections please;
Hyderabad imran khan lost;

Vijay b shrike Hachiko B. prakash win;Connections again;Another new point here
Smashing; next run after failure;
Call came from Gta; call from Chalapathi;Lalith went;Key problem;Read 2 papers; Worked on selections;Jockpot hope by chalapathi sir;Old Jeans and old white shirt;Horn problem;Suguna came;


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