Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oaks day mumbai alama mater

yes;Owner lady came back;called back Chalpathi;

My choices
1.Strom tra
5.royal honour
6.this one for u

podupu;telivi;kisan call centre;

vijayam;dusuko;talapdina;gayam;chendina;otami;krida karini;tadupari;patista;

21 jan post

@12.00 am
1.15 Kol social network;Yes gained confidence;
2.00 Speed girl ps chouhan;missed nice place;wardhawan ghoda confusion;
3.15 Snow scape kol;Confusion due to poor odds and odds drifting;
3.45.Snow fix Dnaiel Grant;No bet on filly please;
4.00 pm. Bourne Supreme;Just lucky enough;Increased stake marginally;
4.15 Hurricane Star:again confusion due other ghoda getting backed;

Morning Lalit came;Again slept happily;Chalapathis call; Tremedous confidence gained;days corrections at RX;Place also to improve;To avoid confusions;Oot of six 4 were successful;Discussion with Prasad at course;Seen ols people;Yes took Kolkatta Rx book;They must get the colt not filly;Definately we get less odds for favrites;Read some Kolkata races;Fist reading over for tom Rx At 5.40;Gtas call;So Jodie to Chalapathi sir successful;


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