Thursday, January 19, 2012

19th Jan;days plan and record; i chisty day

Days record;

Edited yesterdays blog;Received mail from explocity reply sent to them but offer failed;Days planning kept at blog it self this is new and creative thing;Narsing raos annoying wish later his wifes pressure for money;poor coffee again at Sunanda.Ashwins friend call and request.Pedigree link was not working this is another disturbance;Read golimasters blog furthermore confused on selections;Yesterdays milk gone wastage noted; gta called and her chatter and objection on Rx;neibour hood boy shout as if press guy??Quickly vehicle got repaired but sekhar seems to be dis satisfied with rs 10/-;Had ref of scooter repairer at king koti;Quickly decided to watch videos at sadgun it helped me later and to tip Chalapthi sir seen few more videos;

Slowly went to Rx on scooter as per plan purchased earliar books for running record;Some negative comments on Favrite at course by neibours were discouraging to back fav; missed Magdalena at 4's due to late record to hand;Read Mumbai few races om Mumbai;There was small argument on opening odds;Yet brave bet "forest legion" heavy tention at that moment somehow it won;During the wait suffered with back pain;Had curd rice but it was sour; Then came the surprise R hughes win on bling unbale to understand the handicapping; Later another choice missed at 4's.Then lost interest decided to leave course later;on the way back decided to allocate 10 k for Rx;My cell phones were kept at home so no attendance.

Back home seen reddys call on mobile;Too much of rajni gandha for the day to reduced from now;Back to home by 3.30 pm;again edited blog many times;Kirans call on apps;Fist reading over on bangalore not worth;Results seen on net another one ganapathi chisty won is new point for the day;seen many hits for

Power fluctuations forced me to to buy UPS so finally purchased it and installed at home;Also completed scotter HORN and head lamp work these 2 works are major important tasks achived for the day but very tire later;Seen many new features on indiarace they are very helpful such as old records etc;

Very interesting day anyway ejoyed day much!

>22nd Sunday;Hyd/ Oaks mumbai


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