Wednesday, January 18, 2012

18th jan post. logo impressed me

Got up bit early posted blog slept again;Dustbin guy missing for 2 days?Shoutings of opp house continued;Morning seen Narasing rao shouting at Chenna reddy loop hole(One month advance) noted;request from Gta cant be fulfilled for the day;Hindu paper quickly scanned while having coffee at Sunanda;Milk became ICE at morning Suguna prepared coffee;Surprise call from Younus Nizamabad and his request i must send few mailer tommorow;Called Syam some new idol info he is successful gaveinfo about hindujas and their news channel launch info;Had lunch at curry point near sadgun not satisfied;2 maps(india and world)purchased and kept at office;called Gandhi in morning.seen deccan epaper at morning;met Kiran during the wait called few ppl sticker cutting noted.

At office had discussion with webaxis guy looks to be good at google ranking; He had strategy for future;children dont buy;deccan epaper for years is available on DC to cross check;me at box seat;Laptop is needed much and so the byke;had talk with Gta later for interior decoration seen down old man and old lady near office;enquired with sekhar to get "sound and light" scooter repaired;Objection had from electrical shop near Nrn office on scooter parking;

Enjoyed un expected income but had to face scooter trouble;Phone numbers were changed for that camera repairing ppl thats new thing for the day but had to spend lot of time and auto fares to be even more carful in future;Seen Navakethan building and yashoda hospital near clock tower Secunderabad;Reply got from explocity ppl and final offer served to them at night.Scooter trouble some how brought it back to home Mechanic over charged repair but still there is some trouble;met enrichibs people seen their demo for adsense also seen net4 office;Ibs ppl do not know anything for social media;

Mumbai Rx book purchased on wayback and some snaks;added Sakshi epper to my blog list;Final kick is support had from Fruit juice centre guy;Some hits of the day ip addressees saved;Biggest knowledge for the day is DONT FOLLOW CELeBS(celibrities)ON TWITTER or facebook THEY WILL NEVER ever FOLLOW YOU BACK;Read some articles on, also seen few hits for indiarace on blogspot few more had for CIFRAN of ranbaxy i dont really know why they are coming here from google from different countries;

some traffic ranks;
1.eenadu;143/1680 175/2130
4.galatta 953/1436
5.explocity 1299/18356
6.martjack 1372/26555

I want to subscribe to Zaminryot weekly;Some logo missed in morning; logo looks goodcharges for electric increased;hecharica;sankar rao dropped?i want to see how google spiders my blogs telugu words so started to post while watching TV news,Days telugu words are;

eddeva?;modi sarkar;muktar nakvi;teerpu;savvalu;chali puli;usnogratha;artharjaheeya;vimanam;pogamanchu;aalasyam;prakatana;paaripo;sipaaras;enduku;subratha;velakolam;krimi;kevalam;arogyam;siparsu;sahakaram;pondika;caaar;enduku;suvaasana;naabettau;battalu;prasamsa;upasayaman;shathivantham;subram;merupu;adiripothundi;matladu;juttu;sadhyam;cheyyandi;juttukosam;endukante;mruduvu;spandanam;povali;korika;parisramika;sadassu;geeturai;pettubadi;upaadi;yuvakulu;prayatnam;upsayanam;hatam;anduke;rytanna;paathaganga;jeevitham;avasaram;adhikam;adaayam;thodpatu;mundadugu;smashanam;eemantav;sarihaddu;ghatana;karanam;vikhakhana;kanikaram;ghatana;vainam;chinnari;chinnari;moulika;andholana;vyakynam;sunnitha;nastam;labham;eguva;suchilkonugolu;debba;vata;moggu;makinta;mugimpu;nastam;havaa;aatagadu;pravesham;atagadu;gelupu;mukham;pravesham;horahori;jayabheri;sunayasa;namodu;namaskaram;
patala ganga;adesham;sadassu;ganuka;bhadyatha;veenavaani;shastra;prabhutvam;samasya;sthanika;dharakasthu;druva;charya;ponnala;sadassu;arji;hecharika;upaadi;spandana;nyaya sakha;mantrhri;nyaya sthanam;vuntundi;social audit;penchu;pranalika;lakyam;karuvu;mudigubba;varsha;pariharam;rutu;brundam;parikha;

17th jan

very cool morning suffered much to get up;Called nrn;Gta called couple of times;Some kind of uneasy all the way;Attended office called reddy to give ads but he dint turn up so lost interest and tried to fix camera problem;Tried for Kiran;One new notebook purchased;Chalapathi sir called;I called Sekhar;Overan strip and forgetting change to me even more careful;Few things carried to office;martjack ad words campains seen;Called Khammam; guy;Quickly scanned business world;From now more concentration must be on Rx;Nirmal guys call;

Had fried rice for lunch and took rest at home gandhi called up;1 hour net surfing at sadgun;called web axis 2 companies;Paid photon bill;Evening mail from explocity people by night its further took different turn;Night CBE guy called;Night barely missed scooter accident;Some how managed to take less intake;Days has not progressed well;Unable to concentrate in retriving epaper data;Adsense income has further gone down;Blog fan count reached to 25;Again shifted my nellore to pics to run adsense;Edited Kajal page;
mEAL MAKER AT CURRY POINT was big waste;


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