Monday, January 16, 2012

16 th jan post

Morning house owners muggu removal manace;News of Koti accident known and got upset for the whole day surprised with no intimation to me Called sekhar and Koti;Attended gta at aplollo hospitals two times;arrnaged few things to home(door mats,Bucket,socks,pen,note book):Paid landline bill;Lunch chicken parcel was a flop story;On a urgent call from GTA withdrawn cash and gave to GTA seen her Chinnanna finally assisted in vacating from Hospital Meru cabs guy service also noted;;NRN and Kishore Kiran have called;seen future fixations of RX for january;Scanned Swathi weekly;;Night quickly scanned entire original vel record of all centres this is worth while work for the day;;Triple dosage for the day?

jana met online chat;Exposure of apollo Hospitals for the day;Seen some videos of rx;last season videos also avaialble?;seen few more videos on youtube about telu desam;

15 th jan sankarnti day in the spot light success

Morning quickly covered pics of muggulu in chikkadpally area and quickly loaded them and tweeted seen good hits to blog;Gta wish full muggu is the highlight ofr this sankranthi in my life;lot of preparation did for Rx accordingly huge success there but heavy Dosage need to be udjusted and so the dosage;Night insulin missed;Chalapthi called up;Satya was the only wishes for this Sankranthi;Lunch missed chalapthi call saved for night dinner;Some foreigners were aslking for help;Again one mistake consolidated that is Samej; news dailies scanned for the day but there was nothing worth while;

Surprisingly timings were changed at kolcutta;There was huge rush at ring so missed cardinal;Some cash was missing at home from purse;Scooter trouble while coming back.
cream of the crop was nice bet for the day at sevens;luckey to get the in the spot light;Again new pont gained through suraj mount;to rea the card very intently;


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