Sunday, January 08, 2012

khammam classifieds

1.samaraksha motors
kinnera lodge complex
90301 18918
2.emu farms cell 73823 29577
3.vasudeva hospital
manchiryal chourasta
4.ganesh xerox
opp bus stand karimnagar
5.shirdi sai old age home
near yadagiri gutta.b.v.gupta;92465 85901
6.js computers khammam
92464 76799
7.rakshita old age home
----------- sandal wood
khammam 92473 62594
9.export biz;sivakasi po box;422
10.perumalla temple of textiles
11.balaji packes kha 98498 77101
12.gayathri packers kha cell; 9247881187
13.durga tours kha
14.laxmi tours kha
15.sodashoppe hyd cell; 9133273203
16.surya dental
17.surya opticals mhbnagar
18.anajani hearing centre mbn
19.harsha psychiatric clinic mbn
20 life care centre gadwal
21.karshak micro irrigation dvk road;nalgonda
22.indur city scan centre
23.dr dilipbabu nzb
24.nayak entertainments wagl cell 98491 38850
25.dr hemalatha hnk 9491819416
26 sri rajeswara homeo clinic hnk
27.bala catering hnk
28.sridhar homeo hnk
29.southern agencies machipatnam ph;223087
30.s r aquarium abdullah khan estate kurnool 95023 31654
31.surya defnce wgl cell; 8978322008
32.baba pasha sanga reddy opp collectorate 7416662150
33.jaypeebrothers biryani house nzb next to mayuri cell; 9848182697
35.syamala marriage bereau cell; 9959656780
36.kk computers ongole 9908154462
37.kk sysytems vja cell; 9246473081 computers vja 9246666353
39. computer park vja cell; 9848127866
40metro mobile lenin centre vj cell; 9955117766
41.golden penicillin retaurant vja mg road
42.sri vishali interiors vja patamata cell;9666108194
43.kittu car ongole
44.sriman tours vzg shreeman tours vzg 9949386768
45.godavari pest control karimnagar
46.venkatsai enterprises karimnagar
47.lakshmi tours EG 9866246466
48.radiant technologies wgl
49.memmobiles vzg
50. mayuri beauty parlour
tekkemitta nellore 93473 34224
51.sri rama devi hospital tpt cell; 98496 77970
52.srinivasa fashion corner opp town hall cell;94402 06880
53.narayana cars nellore;94916 05959 chandra ramesh reddy nagar nlr cell; 91604 91910
55.kiran photo shop nellore cell;93476 37765
56.paper cups cell;044-31924477 cell; 9380355520
57.minakshi furnitures nlr;9440390133
58.dr tm naresh tpt(neuro) cell;2230331
59.durga national packers stone house pet nlr;cell;9440453959
60.bhargavi astrology near children park nellore cell;9912278915
61.bujjis beauty parlour nlr;2347011
62.drlake; 9010482500
63.dr rhemotologist nlr dr balaji chowdary;cell;2325556
64.venkateswara agencies santhapet nellore;2331269;2331044
66.dr surya sen;oncologist 0877-6561261
67.dr c .venkata ramana r r colony tpt;10-13-533;cell; 9490109100
68.dr zilani ms knl cell;93463 48653
69.sapthagiri eye care centre tpt;99487 82008
70.abhaya ayurvedik centre kadapa ngo colony;cell;9573059444(dr vijay bhaskar reddy)
71.dr n subba rao bhavani nagar tpt.9490109100
72.pratimas spa opp church gipson colon knl cell;98487 77405
73.jain shoppee patamata vja 94949 59696
74.Bharat mill store power pet eluru cell 93983 12369
75.vijay cars j n road. west godavari cell;93485 55188
76.indian packers 98483 78000
77.balaji pacjers 93930 44090
78.sri sai packers 98495 20155
79.zion soft tanuku; 90598 93259
80.anand computers eleuru
81.j s computers eluru
82.supreme drug traders r r .pet eluru diabetic hanmakonda
84.haima distance nzb
85.visakha rhumatology centre
86.bala catering hnk cell; 93953 58002
87.lahari aqua systems w godavari cell;97051 00410
88.srija pvc industries w g; 93461 11155.
89.ravi teja enterprises rajamundry
90.sapura furniture world tanuku
91.bharat mill store eluru; 93983 123 69
92.raijo engineers rhmundry
93.jvs computers kakinada
94.sri satya emu farms surampalli krishna dt; cell;9490113822.
95.Om electricals vja 1.
96.Coastal marketing elurd rd vja
97.triveni enterprises vja
98.nagarjuna borewells guntur
99.tpt diabetis centre bhawani centre tpt;100.Ria lab bhawani nagr tpt;
100.gayathri multi speciality clinic kurnool
101.dr b.vijetha vijaya talkies road;hnk; wgl cell; 93901 02995
102.gurram bros khammam
103.garlapati metal store kaman bazaar khammam
104.diploma tailors khammam station road;
105.kalyani silks khammam
106.latha jewellers kumat galli nizamabad
107.Moti jewellers kumar galli nizamabad
108.Sri swathi jewellers kumar galli nizamabad
109.monika jewellers; marwadi galli ganj road.nizamabad
110.Spring Hospital Nizamabad 0878-2244108
111.Om tours karimnagar ph;040-23303121
112.Radha Jewellery gandhi chowk Khammam
113.prakampana cell; 9849572963
114.indur mess adilabad cell;ntr chouk;
115.spring hospital karimnagar
116.Sai raksha motors Manchiryal
117.Vasu dev kiranam manchiryal
118.padmaja agencies karimnagar motors karimnagar
120.Ayyappa tiffen centre cell; near vinayakudu s p bandi cell;bapanna 9848293930

8th jan sundays post gulpang logo

It was quite uneasy unable to wakeup in the morning i dont really know what really has happend evn Gta faced same trouble;Quikly brout milk and chicken etc but this time lot of waiting for chicken slaughter slaughter..and skill of chopping guy;Took only eenadu paper quickly scanned it but seen lot of classified ads;fancys sister and jeans of fancy were nice and told opp boy to start scooter after shifting;forgotten keys of my scooter luckliy nobody stole them;2 rings effect was good me;
Neibourhood boys asked chair so i gave them but later known its importance yet came forward and gave them;Next decided to impvove my blog writing and presentation skills so searched for tips on google found many read tips for improving writing yeah! confidence gained;later seen many blogs layouts styles saved one link to my blog vilekhari of important bloggers from india;

This day being Kolkatta Derby day but decided to skip racing and consolidate few things by staying at home alone;shobaday blog seen and found it to be very interesting one any others also seen;hunger pangs suddenly triggered at afternoon;Gta left after preparing chicken and food gave me rs 500/-.

New idea for kajal t is emerging ask questions;

there seems to be limit for blog ids to 100 only can delete useless ones;

latest standings;


gandhi met on chat;

Show Recent Messages (F3)

ra ra: Hi gandhi
mohan gandhi: hi
mohan gandhi: hi
ra ra: gandhi ekkada iam at my home
mohan gandhi: ramana what r u doing man
ra ra: simply sitting alone at home
mohan gandhi: very happy that you are at your home. being at home is a nice thing ramana then tell me how r u and how the things are happening
mohan gandhi: ramana what r ur plans for 2012
ra ra: geetha my wife left to her inlaws home
mohan gandhi: i have decided to go to shirdi, tirupathi and srisailam to seek the blessings of the God.
ra ra: iam very fine thanks
mohan gandhi: my namaskarams to geethaji
ra ra: ohh thats agood move
mohan gandhi: coming back to the field of rx what r the developments and any progress in this drection ramana tell me pls/
ra ra: rx needs lot of investments yaar
mohan gandhi: ok but what can be done tell me ramana then
ra ra: unfortunately we are no match to this sport of kings
mohan gandhi: ok if it is really the kings sport let kings play and dont think about tht sport at all in the new year ramana
ra ra: this sport even dare to eat kings kings also will become paupers here but Bookmakers will necer my dear gandhi....
ra ra: Bookmaker never loses here dear
mohan gandhi: planning to go to shirdi in this month itself and with in the first quarter i would like to visit all of the above said spirituyal destinations ramana
ra ra: iam very happy being at home yaar
mohan gandhi: viprulalona vipra narayanundavai
ra ra: i have nice supporter
ra ra: in my wife atlast
mohan gandhi: really it is wonderful that you are in your home ramana really speaking life gives small happinesses for which no money is required and beng in the home is one among them ramana
ra ra: we share many things dear
mohan gandhi: it is happy that your wife supports u great ramana
ra ra: thnaks gandhi
ra ra: here too thanks to human relationship knowledge
ra ra: knowledge helps every where
mohan gandhi: knowledge is power but how much knowledge one possess doesnt give him success but what he is doing with that knowledge matters
ra ra: So what else gandhi where are u chating from cafe or at home?
mohan gandhi: now a days iam missing you and atleast monthly twice let us meet ramana
ra ra: i fully agree with u gandhi
mohan gandhi: no cafe only ramana
ra ra: ohh ok
mohan gandhi is typing...
mohan gandhi: i have recently purchased a laptop but still net has to be connected ramana
ra ra: ic good

7th jan 2012

Checked entire telangana epaper in morning no new queries; day is wasted after meeting KM seen office known things had word with ramesh;;Adsense income is dropped; again to go to redhiils new info known;No income no field work day;By Scooter with gta;Some commitment from him but not sure he is poor even more now;night disturbed sleep with dreams;another ring on hand now;One Rat died at home;

Day is wasted totally without proper planning; Tap repaired;Unable to retrive any new address and failed to send any postal mailers for the day;
commitments from karimnagar,younus,warangal guys failed;


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