Wednesday, January 04, 2012

4th dec post

Few more pages saved from e paper at morning net was very slow at home;Covered market ok marginal success;New diary purchased and updated income and expenses;involved further discussions with gta at home;called kiran and kishore tried y;Stamps and revenue stamps also purchased in reserve;East and west plans chalked out;Called hireco and rk and had long chat;

>>> gtas yesterdays idea of calling ppl from different parts and giving training to them;bouncer from kiran;
Had nice Coffee near himayat nagar post office secret known;fashion dress power known jeans t shirt;dress gave to tailor and paid him;counters from Gta;Adsense is nose diving again reason not known properly;gave training to one guy at morning managed to call for ppl but concentration failed;followup did with printer for poor quality new things known;


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