Saturday, December 31, 2011

recent turns;2011;

recent turns;2011;
1.lekhari current a/c,Firm,leaflets,Cards,ads,25 bio datas;Firm pan etc,land line,postal mailers sent;New e mailer on hand;vilekhari spider power,
2.You at Nzb
3.New adsense code,url redirection,lekhari renewal,Nt renewal,Url redirecttion;
4.Rx new bies idea to tap?
5.Good dress,makeup etc;
6.Telangaana exposure;
7.eenadu eepaper exposure;
8.t ids;ka fans,blog ids; savings,adhaar,
10.every mandal hope;,scooter repair,title at vilekhari improved;
12.eenadu smart ads;
13.n 9 card;
14.Team must work
15.reduced intake;
16.home.Gta,gas,net at home,printer,way to sms power,songa power;
17.clients on hand,pictures power;
18.Sm projects hope;
19.ashwins idea mumbai base more content;
20.D writers data on hand;

To do

1.Identify 500 eads send post to them;
2.Reg m followup;Office Tie up;
3.quickly follow up team and visit other areas.(east west g visits to fynalyse);property issue to followup;Train people;
4.Office;visit of emu birds farm;
5.Scooter upgradation; adsense code to try:web site;Keep code in Nt;
7.Social media to learn further &tie ups;mumabai expannsion;
8.Capture more D W data of ap.
9.India expansion;
10.quickly expand too ads for cliens candidates.
11.byke plan scooter repair;
12.color broture design and team
13.sugar checkup;
14.Reduce further;
15.printer installation at home;
16.Scanner to buy;

Long term plans;
1.1000 client base with pics
2.500 blogs;

30th dec post

Got up bit earliar;Morning Tiffen at taj mahal cafe at Narayanaguda @ prohibitive cost?; Bath room a big problem; Read recent good things many times; Told Kiran and called Nrn no response had from them; Had interation with Younus;Met web guy had very lengthy discussion;New knowledge is to have tie up with ad agencies and PR firms at hyd now;His broture seen;FB wall interaction for kanishq known;Poor lunch at home;Recd courier from nzb and loaded pic; seen movies yamagola dana veera sura karna dialogues enjoyed; at cafe and songs enjoyed spped noted; Wished boy;Johnny was not cooperative;few more calls also received;G left;Gold loand info known by her;Nothing much of any consolidation for the day Ok anyway;Night dinner at home;seen movie reviews of TV9;gunturdistrict t id into hand;Jawar roti preparation seen;Overan tabs purchased;


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