Wednesday, December 28, 2011

28th Dec post

Winter killing;had tiffen at home;2 paper scan;Morning sudden change of the proceedings as GTA failed her promise;Firm registration certificate received; No field work for the day;Cafe was busy;Aussies have advantage;* *Evening managed to send 20 postal mailers and this is surprise move coffe was good;most of the day cell was put on off;marginally recduded intake;
Night called Chinna,akka bujji ppl;Night gta joined;adsense reasearch did;One lady seems to be making rs 3.5 lakhs; One diabetics web site seen;Not to indulge in empty stomack;Morning candidates sheeetstook;Few more mails also sent;Akkinenis wifes death story;Blog head line changed;Thank god lekhari got renued seen it;

27th Dec post

Morning good artcle read eenadu abt alchohol;Met bank guy took firm reg forms and filled them got the introducer sign;later met web guy at punjagutta;Calls continued but missed many of them;called ashok and told him of requirement of certificate;Retrived most of candidate data took print;new ideas got today for web classifieds strategy further improved;


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