Sunday, December 18, 2011

18th dec post

Mostly at home;seen ennadu epaper thought india;seen rx videos;decided few things to do tommorow;Seenaiahs call;Enquired emubirds;rctconline(t)blocked;still insecurity;Gta left;arranged fish at home;2 resumes got thats new begining;Vehcle getting much more older alarming;days stats reduced very much;Lot of discussions with Gta at home;Reduced few things at home;Cell phone day ads seen in eenadu;coconella s pasquier brillint win;
prontoponto win new lession;some videos of yahoo seen;
Still 13 days left for year;
nelloretimes jewellery link to be removed;some pics kept at blog;reena came twice morning with good dress;
recorded 30 plus addresses from eenadu epaper;

17th Dec post

Major things of the day; seen warangal ad through enaadu epaper; called ashwin and known about his chennai visit;Most of the day at home loaded content to blogs; New T ids for the day are Bottlesnchimney,stanzaworld;
younus failed again thats new depression;No hits to Warangal ad is a big surprise;;Seen most of the ap districts info at wiki; 3 L folders purchased;Sbi transfer stiil pending;Morning pending pics and entry posted;Content edited for big leaflet;New note book purchased and noted big towns in andhra pradesh;One more clarification youngsters at Rx;Decided to edit and print quick leaflets for next trave;Again insecurity;Lot of ads seen for christmas on news papers;Seen Urumi movie with GTA at home;Webaxis info guys to meet;Disturbance through shoutings at top of home;


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