Saturday, December 17, 2011

16TH DEC post

Since morning felt very busy;After quickly reading papers had the task of reading Business World;There was a good article about new Ecom ventures;Quickly decided to give ad for ppl and gave 3 days ad for warangal that looked huge investment as per recent standards; in new style without cell number response to be watched;Quickly enquired for post box and firm account at bank;
some bouncers for the day are no closings at Boinpally sro office but some data collected to hand;Second bouncer came in the form of bhanu residency;More arail exposure had for the day;
biggest hickup came in the form of T id closure and almost lost temper and things followed need to see the change of things;Read BW article and blocked 6 of them;
By night analsys for what helped whom analysed;Some what unsatisfied day due to non happening of much of activity;Anyway no loss for the day;Double indulgence why?
Night managed to see rx book of banagalore;Night content kept at almost 10 plus blog ids; DAYS PLANNING to buy eye glasses failed;
sodacentre? id?


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