Wednesday, October 19, 2011

17th and 18 th october posts

morning pressing guy got activated;call from rampji,went to chittor closed 1 entry;quickly came back;night with venkatesh,ramoji;met syammama took some tips;met loka at night;2 new ids;checked domains of document w;jana said busy;

18th october;
morning quick wish from hotel guy;;without proper plan meeting jana was big time waste but some exposure exposed;poor planning afternoon food;
many calls made to ppl and activated few;lic sudha,mohan,uma,paru,saveer,satish hyd,anthima theerpu,globalpark malli,
Raghunath reddy syam shop;good ads seen an sakshi,poor response from niranjan at evening;syams idea for travels;dis with ramoji for hotel stay;to followup old ppl;dream of dads shop;? very quick response got from d writers thats new inspiration;


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