Sunday, October 16, 2011

14 th and 15 th OCt posts

Some thing went wrong in night after taking Dosa;Morning discomfort noted;decided to to Rajam pet and went there by Bus;spent some time with mama akka;attended sro and retuened kadapa;by night pain releived;night allout purchased;

15 th October post;

Quickly decided to leave to tpt journey by scooter was ptrtty difficult under hot sun; entire road exposure,momkeys;reached safely some how decided to stay at home after reaching home called ramoji,syam,jana after sometime met all of them;naidu also met;Koti??;called seenaiah,Gta,munawwer,chandra;night distubed sleep; discussed with syam Mama;bag problem;seen new products at syam shop;evening humger pangs noted;kalanikethan shop;


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