Saturday, October 08, 2011

8th october saturday post

quickly left from proddatur (2nd saturday call by bawa);reached kadapa took lodge at ashoka Gurappa lodge boy quickly arranged all morning reqd things;quickly met babu old friend news of uma got married gain amin lawyer;very smooth ride of scooter noted;after reaching kadapa called Dhana,chinna pullaiah;took room at ashoka thanks to old contact;quickly managed 100 visiting cards;still telangana strike news seen at tv;
Very hot morning;heavy sweat;while driving new idea has emerged to cover villages;
afternoon quickly did few chemists calls and closed 2 surprise camera power but cable is missing;darga area seen;called gta two times;
Called jana and ramoji;

purchased overan,beplexforte,rim recharge,needles;new cells for camera;managed dress wash;called dhana;tweeted for ka;

6th october,7 th oct post

                                                         sister daughter hand with mehindi

 mariapuram college where did my college studies kadapa

morning got up quickly ,vacated lodge started to kadapa;journey was pretty nice in the begining missed nice rock pics had insulin on the way and tiffen;too room at ashoka lodge quickly took pics of old room with dad where i stayed and high school pic,then junior college of st joseph s cpllege at mariapuram;
Entire jouney calls recd fro Gta;with lot of stress rechaed kadapa safely;entire travel roads were with festive look most of the shops were closed;call from dhana was main event called back and bawa recd next things followed;

Night had dosa at kadapa but mosquitos problem was noted;

7th october;
Quickly vacated lodge and reached prodaatur and had nice time with all family members;met pullaiah;papulamma son but missed his pic;Lot of discussions at home about various things;missed net for 2 ns day;evening fabrication guy pullaiahs friend met;night slept at chinna pullaiahs house;had some disturbed sleep;

days highlights;
dynamism and involvement of lalit,nice lunch Bujjis service;fear after watching foot infection;children are growing faster;alchohol marginally reduced for the day;strain in mydukur proddatur road;discussion with mama on receiving electricity municipal etc;carpet guys call;


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