Monday, October 03, 2011

oct 1 st and 2 nd postes;

sat day to pune rx and got burnt but c alford confidence noted;huge drinks but forgot dinner at home suffered;cells were switched off;;
2nd october post; again at home; no rx;seen few results at net;cwlls were switched off;Suguna seen morning activity abd communicated to gta;heavy sleep again till afternoon;boredom noted;paid rest of balance;first time to owners home;lady told news of hiking the rent;managed night quota by narsing rao experience was totally different;something had to be seriously done for future;uneasy again due to Flum;poor intake of food;insulin managed to buy;night sleep disturbance noted;new ring and chain;watched Undavalli traslation and gandhis messge abt alchohol;after noon tandoor roti and roti but very costly and not worth;night biryani dinner had;
october 2 nd gandhi jayanthi effect seen;movie of gandhi seen;


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