Thursday, August 18, 2011

18th aug post

1.quickly took some pics out side by afternoon all of them got aproved by google;
2.met lamination lady; idea has merged as to show same prints
4.had hair cut;color;
5.took help of gta for covers stamps
6.days pics submitted to google
7.12 way2msgs sent and saved them to list
8.sms sent to waheed
9.andhraspider 20258 days id plus gautamtmt,naidumotors;
10.bulksms 158 listings
11.haircutting 67 listings identified vising cards collected 187
13.called kiran
14 night neibours trouble both sides plus trouble at home;
15.seen youtube videos;
16.managed to send 21 mailers with help of gta;
17.again stamps purchased; aproved pics xerox copies took;
rain disturbance at evening work disturbed;

days cell numbers
1.kanishks 9949005500
2.tara homeo 9390945992, 9390645992
3.satilite 93905
4.thehope 9000228338
5.a?c solutions 9885125935
6.vimalpowerlines 9885217444
7.robotouch 8008006666
8.jrssofaworld 9246587012
9.jayadurgafur 9391049852
10.unnathityres 9849018789
11.lounge 9550401010
12.aousource advtg 9985999888


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