Saturday, August 06, 2011

6th aug post;

1.took pic of old house at RTc x roads;
2.pic of reddemma took;
3.mor shop pic took;
4.jewellers pic;
5.vasu medicals pic;
sakshi read;
Days calls;
1.prsad digital payment
2.mahavir met
justdial call;
gopal replied;seen second scin,biligiri hotels,pani puri guys refusal,hotel annapurna,ybrantdigital,dreamlite,panoramio 1000 rank,
localbazaar info,rangoli,ocean world,,malikcars,sai prakash hotel,youdan computers,send off to opp ppl,new strategy is fast eveloving,

dyas new area into fold;
1.Ministers road,
2,rd no.12.
3.rd 3.
4.pedar ghast rd.
apollo pharmacy,med plus,some pic,blog prints on hand finlly; morning closed the sales in few seconds and by evening sent cheque for collection; someones look at curries point;Night milk shortage and gta refusal;

bank work initiated; due to veh trouble stopped work;

days market calls;

1.manjeera digital studio
2.button shop
3.focus eye
4.arrow stationary;got
5.localbazaar info(21 107/4 lakh;
6.c tech home appliances;

cultural associations; 119;

way2sms sent to
1.imp classic (1.2) prints guy;
8.chawal color labs
14.balaji bajrang point

5th aug post

Ariel survey of sec area did;Morning overnight flum trouble

dis with Suguna ;caste objections;new chappal for survey;Courier from gopal recd neibours non support;asked someone at eve bar for byke;Bad guy for scooter repair;some calls and arial survey;comfort after toilet got cleaned;

1.* 3 fish aquariums address at sec bad;
2.kajal movie release;
3.told mahavir abt their web site hacking;
4.followup of laxmi followup;
5.R.P rd;
6.SP. RD;
7.panjagutta area;
8.rajbhavan area;
9. Nallkunta area after noon;
11.daus branch; store;
14.sai lodge;
16.cloth show rooms;
19.swetha computers;
20.jagdamba pearls
21.sundarm motors;
22.plant aids;

Days market calls were;
mahavir;cam repair;
.biryani house sms offer;caupal fresh;gana sabha dancer;computer at nallakunta;mithraa;riceguy at barkatpura;(his FB id;

evening gandhi nagar area;
sandeep opticals;padmavathi saress;medplus;some printing press;balaji computers;lenovo show room;rice dealer;

shravan sudden exposure; whom i met second time prepared;Night chicken;Unble to work for hybiz;neibours menace;

Days net expoure;
almondhouse no 1 for dry fruits;
google listings checked;
paraspharma blocked;
1.Rice merchats; 599
optical shops;491
14.stone works;64 consultants;495
2.kakatiya listing with flicker youtube; facebook;
3.amging followers for zoozoo
4.cyber cafes 890; chemists listings 3d view;
6.laptop;845,furniture; 2824;mithai 294;pearls 1204;advocates 634;Gen stores 11 114;chemists 2437;doc writers 55;chicken 504;aquariums 105;web hosting 694;florists 304;jewellery 2559 bakery 1762;vegitables 260;
Morning embeded code of code to blog its working;

5th aug post

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