Tuesday, August 02, 2011

1st august post

Gopals call at morning and wastage of time at evening;morning found difficulty in managing Tea etc;Yet managed days calls count is 14; luck came from vijaya cottage; Power of Social media is known now;
new web knowledge for the day is;indiacom.com.yellowpages.c.in data supply to google; chemist maps data work r&d spent for long time; hope to become a google publisher;yahoo maps also seen;pic supply to google hope has emerged and sent mailto them failed to attend skype interview for the day; By evening Gta came back;
new knowledge at some digital shop for 10 lakh mobile numbers;Enquired with Camera guy for cells; Gtas assurance at home for computer at home;during the work shortage of leaflest disturbed it took to visit new road to keshav memorial school;gandhi met on chat later his call;
2 new ids for the day;sayanisurgicals; Srns call; baba*company ramzan information;75 shops printouts on hand;


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