Thursday, July 28, 2011

28th july post

My friends Kiran and his brother Kishore  all smiles below his byke

Days total activations;
market calls;
1.sai med stores;(Sunday) 11.15 am care centre
3,homoeo care; time not recorded;
4.venus home world; world;(singapore centre;
6. ap sarathy electricals;
7,city color labs;
8.Deen dayal
9.mahaveer photo emporium
11.paras digital world(lord balaji frame seen)
13.balaji cosmetic qworld;(lord balaji phto seen)
14.ram medical hall;
3.satya msg
10.dhobi paid;
13.water arranged;
14.mail replied to amrin;
15.vasuki page created;
16.rx book pic took; of kiran kishore;
19.sent sms to naaptol,magicbricks;

new ids;

                                                              original vel race books

                                                                       Iam eating Veg biryani

Morning Veg biryani had;night curries from different place;

Overall analysys; Lot of waiting for kiran; missed computer guy; missed the name of MOR guy; just 2 companies are enough for the month to try for them quickly; 2 ref for lord balaji frames got; new iformation got after meeting shakeel; ref of kiran dint work; Combiflam information of tube; adrshmobies guys info; after evening call from mumbai totally confused at home;Amrin hope further enhanced; Satyas chat;Heavy working day with 19 activations 4 ids and 14 market calls;Night seperate sheet created for days work cards pinning work did; Some more postal addresses organised at seperate sheet;

27th july post

Computer work initiated with Prak;Tried for bank account with Gta to vidyanagar;Called Gopal for bank account;blog posted;call from ongoleguys and chennai guyz;Tailor initiated near by home;karimnagar plan; Continued requests from owner for rent;

Arguments at home 4 income; change needle and comfort of insulin intake noted; read blog from july again;Amrin absent??;night helped gta for dinner; Local address prooff problem;unble to fix net problem at home; old data retrived at evening took some prints;Rohit new name at bar;purchased gel,Consivas,Onion(response had)razor; activated RIM;rx books (2)purchased;


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