Friday, July 22, 2011

21st july

many msgs byway2sms and got good resposnse; pl who responded were munawwer,naidu,chengaiah,narsimha,gandhi,response from amrin also had;talks failed with amrin;eve work at saroor nagar area;collected some cards; long net excersice;rs 50/- paid to net;hangover at home;Lot of free infomation can be gained from field work;scooter trouble at tarvel;

Mor adhaar card work initiated;swati mag read; durga jewellery desingner info;managed tweets;dis satisfaction at home;mor satish called back and long chat;powersoapmbambinifood;agro,rgaviation new ids;dc article to be confident;
fingersa got damaged to be very careful on travel;


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