Tuesday, July 19, 2011

19th july post

18th july post;First days duty after giving cheque to orbit totally a different move i had to wait for 1 hour to join and this is not worthy at all;anyway waited 8 hours for nothing in this company;met youngsters and the madam and few collegues;totally unsatisfied by the things went there;exposure had from youngster about kits;gta went to meet her in laws(or chinnanna) etc;

night water tightening problem?

came back enervated paid Tata net bill with GTa and had cutlet and samosa purchased insulin for gta;

i may nned to work for long hours from now may be 11 hours?

slept and had nice sleep;
20th july post; tuesday:

Horror came in morning in the form of feaces at the door step?and related things followed by quickly! totally unexpected one??
who is the culprit?

help of owner and owners wife noted;naukars tall girl over response;
net at home continued to miss behave;

managed to go to filed and success had for rs 500 ;call came from orbit ppl but i lost temper;

reply received from TMS ansari at evening email checking;
had surprise at Rajendra nagar sro,met RTO new guy: had exposure of gandipet area and surprise from Narsingi office one entry closed but bill book needed rain; called Prakash and ajay in the evening;

info abt chevella office known
some boys helped to locate narsingi office; rain on the way;

satya not lifted call;so narendra;?? not known the reasons;

managed tweets for k;crossed 35 329k; new id is coolofferzz;

names at janata Bar; Roi(parking guy)
laxmikanth;met adroit for coverage;byas,mor clips meed moted;prints of fresh mailer took;bill book need;new shirt effect on the field;new knowledge of twitter merger;
new ids rstwebsolutions;;inucforu; veeraiah,srinu(langda)adroit girl;reddy seo;mahinder erragadda;called jana;56 ids identified on hand;help of cell phone light at bar;missed lunch but had upma at eve;mailed softpal;swamy mixture guy;pemding delete knowledge known;

bykes numbers; (aib 2280; ap28;af 2144;ap09;az 3987; ap16;r8718 suzuki; boys; ap28; aj 4769)


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