Saturday, July 16, 2011

15th july post

Good day with unknown thing to me was gurupoornima day; Field work started again;Morning read most of the udayan tweets and known interesting facts;Some shoutings at home disturbance at morning;During the calls Srns call and his suspection known;(bedisindaa?)night Sankyoa called and gave word for sunday; Chandras messages continued;Morning morchemist site seen but no keywords;mitraamedicals twitter account created;3 more ids for the day are apollopharmacy,incubatesoft,mithraamedicals;

Got two more commitments from field many new faces are getting introduced;By evening paid electric bill but after lot of waiting known other eseva centres info on net;PiC of nisha took;managed to recharge RIM and buy becosolus;lot of byke trials by GTA at home;

replies from glatta ,tms recd;traffic ranks work further consolidated at home;2 more biodatas prints took;NT is seen functioning again;

night injection on arm for the first time but hickup had to be faced;

days keywords;

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