Sunday, July 10, 2011

9th July post

                                             Normally we take more of green leaves curries;

                                                                               Net elixir office

During morning surfing at home shown ids of ramoji group to Gta thank god they are still with me also seen different strokes of Rangoli at mykolam blog they were very interesting;
quickly decided to attend Net alexir interview( for more exposure) after Satya called up quickly got ready and boarded bus and reached office after some difficulty;With initiation met some posh guys and girls there from google it real surprise to see exemployees of google;new things known;My age efeect is strogly posing threat now for jobs i gave one proposal to them and quickly left from there;dress power and communication skills need also noted;Company strong expertice of seo field known and also read few articles about company;long waiting killed spirit and we are totally tired after leaving office thanks to good morning tiffen at home by GTa;

                                                                         Srivari laddu

                                                     Lot of Cosmetics gifted by my brother

On return Satya was tired and enervated; calls from suneetha was good thing; after sit out with satya economical rates news and lunch call came from Gopal so i had to rush to lakdika pool to meet him;he was seen busy afetr meeting him he gave some cosmetics and lord balaji Laddu prasad that one looks to be blessing one for future; Used my Old scooter after some gap and it needs immediate care;
At home lot of surfing did on linked in profiles(mainly guy met at days morning interview ajay gupta) its interesting to note that groups at linkedin were very useful;

I was more confused at night about my new job so discussed things from Gta had some nice suggestions; news coverage of arrest of those whom we met was a big surprise;astralpvc adverticement at buses was giving new ideas;Night lof green leaves curry at home;
I know iam improving the quality of my blog but it badly needs some comments


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