Saturday, July 09, 2011

8th July post friday;

Reply got from Essar a detailed one;cells replaced to camera; milking pic took;old pics posted to blog;Surprise Call received from orbit about my joining;With Satya joined softpal and discussed about many things;Which company is leading with which Social media site to be identified;Siddhani family on facebook was another surprise of the day;Calls from sankyo;Shown gta as how to block id; one more id into fold;Insulin and other tablets arranged by Gta;

tweeted for kajal more tweets this time;afternoon surprise was email offer from net eleixir and new exposure to SEO and other vedeos;sneha .sharma retrived from sent mails and this new info for the day; parakash call and his tention is new thing again;

No call from Suneetha or narendra??

Night Rx books and swathi mag purchased and extra sitting with Narsing rao;


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