Monday, June 27, 2011

26th June sundays post

26th june post;

Morning executed kiss on forehead had nice response;aquickly type 2 days blogs;Flash had of others potentialities;Suddenrequest by Owner for rent so paid him later;quickly tried to buy Rx book but had to go musheerabad;days id is pasupu parani;net was pretty slow at home yet managed few things successfully;Chicken preparation was not upto the mark this time;lot of things discussed with gta at home;at around 1 pm had hypoglyceamic attack and this is quite alarming;Syam called at 3 pm told about his plans and big clients list we had jocks;

Some Eye discomfort had at night;had to go to nallakunta at night on rain but took
umbrella;recharged RIM;Nrn setback known at evening;Night magadheera movie relaxation had;new bar exposure at night;had antibio tic for dental pain at home;
told about dental stink to Gta;problem emerged at home on keeping new vessels at mori and keeping dust at cooking vessel but quickly came back normal condition;This is how my day passed;


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