Thursday, June 23, 2011

22nd june post

New Resume prepared and posted in 2 sites 6 prints also took and thats new confidence;helped Satya inturn seen his recruiting skills naukri search box but counldnt work on it;Reached 9 short of 1000 t ids felt very confident at presense of big size firms in google;Barebody tention and so rajus request?;Called narndra;Srn still silent?;night Roti had missed all drugs and Insulin this is unexpected one;

Evening had to wait long time for system at cafe;night dream disturbance and dental pain;mailed Saberi opticals;yepmeshopping; I have captured most of big keywords at google;9 ids for the day;watched Rx videos;

aishwarya rai pregnency at twitter story?;no income day;Expenses were heavy; night some disagreements again at home;Told sneha abt cut off;


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