Tuesday, June 21, 2011

20th june post

20th June Monday post; After Sunday recharge morning Current situation on hand trimmed up again further;Poor morning tiffen again just bread slices and a omlet count keep energy levels;morning when called Narendra he told of INR death news and his Kurnool stay so the total plannings for the have been foecefully changed; Satya joined at 11am with him to ashok nagar cyber cafe and quickly took control of 9 more new ids;Sudden offer came in the form of printer from Satya so we went to Kukatpalli and took his printer and brought home but tired much as without food discussion with auto guy has open up new information;Mail from Naukri to trim up my Resume;

SRn continued his emails seen his Ad in eenadu;Morning Blogs posted from home computer also for the first time Pics also managed to save and post; Days drinks plan triggered by satya With satya seen Eshwar ads office; morning water brought and paid them also brought home mangoes;nice late lunch with drum stick and enjoyed it. My calls of the day were with Seenaiah,Jayram Reddy,Jana,Gandhi.Richas follow up continued so the owners wishes;Gta offered more funds for future;Working maid came very late so Gta had to clean vessels;Lot of discussion abt INR at home;

Throught the day bad weather; Toilet problem continued at home;


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