Wednesday, June 15, 2011

14 th june post;ashoknagar hyderabad

                                           Plants in gandhi nagar park opp SBI hyderabad

Morning had late tiffen so had to suffer with shivering and leg pains something quite unexpected one? Gta came late from class; Idli,vada at hotel Taj Mahal;Satya unexpectedly met at chat and he came at 12 noon had nice time with him; Satya gave tips for preparing resume for social media expert; 7 more new ids for the day; managed 1 hour net at evening seen few more twitter ids of celebs; seen twitter counter for kajal 17 410; sachin 365; new web site 4 pics with stunning alexa rank 408;Expences have surmounted 4 the day;Rim re charge did at night; upsets for the day are shreya complaint? Sun glass enquiry,arguments at home; cloth pressing is becoming costly affair;Called Narendra had positive feedback; No income day? morning called cheng poor responce; pants are getting very tight is another head ache;

13th June post

Net got activated again at home;rs 1100/- paid;Called Chandra for Tablet for sleep;read only 2 dailies;Purchased TV stand at raja furniture shop;Call recd from SRN again;Water exausted at home;tennis girls wish;called narendra;


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