Monday, June 06, 2011

4th June post Saturday sunday

More close interaction at home;3 more ids 4 the day;Nar dint turn up for the day;Missed Dc and times dailies;Played with neibour shreya;drink at open wine shops related problem and related exposure;head pians contd;More details about people and homes near by home by old man;Dish tv amount paid;one vedeo about twitter usage known branding;Camera pics posted at Blog; afternoon tablets missed;heavy expenses for the day; details known;Scoter parking problem at night;apsrtc traffic rank; 53,779;

Sunday 5 th June;

Mostly at home; attended NTR gardens with nar children at evening;played with Cat at home;5 news paper scan for the day; Re written situation o n hand;night Cot problem at home;some pics took for the day;Camera help noted;


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