Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30th may post

Gta seen very busy;Morning Nail cut;Lot of tention had to be faced;anyway field work fetched good results;major one failed;No call from GTa;good pay day;Narendra to home new question;new knee cap and tablets purchased;Morning had upma;Investigate;

28th May post

saturday low levels of cash on hand;3 expectations have failed but one followup of nrn was successful;manged 3 more new ids count for the day;Night watched ipl finals;Spent more time with children at home;Hyper hunger levels at morning;Cafe was closed;ice Cream commitment given to girls;

29th may; sunday;

missed net;sold news papers at home; fish arranged;Evening girls menace had to be faced;Afternoon sitting with Owner;Most of the time spent at home;Orange movie seen at home;Checked Hundies;Read article about priyanka chopra tweeting about products;Branding on twitter read;Used eye glass new one;Boredom had to be faced at home;


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