Monday, May 09, 2011

6th may post

friends in Indira Park

This is pressing cloth near narayanaguda

Morning due to request of mma dropped them at nampally situations exposed; Rich haul for the day with meeting effort clicking;Parking of scooter problem at home night;20 of Data of document writers got to hand;days t ids were;cabshyderabad 7 lakh; gharondabuilder;Gta to her sisters home;Evening known some of Camers tricks by srinivasa photo studio; new idea is find district registrars;Rx schedules checked for summer season;gales batting seen at night;girls nice at night;skype merger news read;

7th may post;
manyavaar big ad in times; night freeads scanned;purchased tennis ball;Globe;new pen;Nail cutter;Gta came back and seen some of her family pics;missed net; kawadiguda,chikkadpalli payments got;Narendra ideas about veduku as tv media known;night Gharshana movie seen;email also can be adverticed;crossed alchohol limit;call from Chinna received;heat at after noon;arranged gas for home;lopez coverage at TV;

8th may sunday post;

Mostly at home;night Narendra came dtp did for new letter and my visiting cards; known some facts abt working maid and objection from Gta had;globe and new pen and ball enjoyed; late chicken purchase and paid;12 shirts on hand;Fan got repaired;had tatimunjalu;insulin cristals? night problem at home again;


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