Saturday, April 30, 2011

28th April post

With Nrendra to Uppal area,Malkajigiri,LB nagar letter effect worked and new exposure also had;tried sto point;Rytu bhoomi calender took from narendra and seen ads in there;& more new ids for the day;Lot of waiting for Narendra at mornning;Evening recd courier from tpt;rim re caharge BD needle to GTA;Morning paid for Bottels;

Chocolate to sneha;April income and expenses analysed; Soda in a hurry after work with Nrn;MYrevital id at FB seen;Shaving had lavender perfume;

29th April post;
Nrn Came bit early with his byke managed to submit gas byke driving exposure;New guy Weavertimes met also kuchipudi guy;Expectation failed at cto lot of wait at uppal;
hot sun exposure;insecurity again propped up;discussion with Nrn;Called Kesava;New slippers exposure;called Ramoji;
Wrong placement of plate at home;gta calls at field;FB at sakshi abt more store;

Evening managed dress exchange,egg case,and purchased camera;

Days most important info is by twitter information can be spread faster to many through a link;


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