Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Narendra journalist file

1.intro Thehelka times ppl;
2.erragadda sro;near by sro office;
3.dtp guy pics;
4.hyderabad mirror guy
5.a 2 z guy;
6.shamshabad; tax offices abids;
8.journalist association letter pad;
11.prohibition exise;
12;letter idea meeting;
13.begumpet sro;
15.mlm idea; idea;
17.geological;supnt engineer;
18.municipal hyderabad greater
28th april/ uppal point/followup of cto/near satish point
29.geologocal plannng

26th april post

Bouncer at 12 noon about tuesday from Narendra amid heat of the day; With Gta to oriental bank then had Lassi unexpectedly costly one then food; 2 hours net for the day 7 more new ids into fold and that brings of ids to 800 plus marker; during the R&D found that t ids are useful and powerful; google keyword tool known; retrived money control;microtekdirect;balajihospital;padukas;captaingiri;dricelogics;richmondvillas;

greatdomians checked but no id was avaialble;GTa maridi and bag and attachments story;Chocolates and gave them to shravani,neibour girl;night lost mood and had to go to shop;owner interaction and gave him rs 500/-; bulk domain booking known; dress press and tablets purchased; old email from fullhyderabad read for gTa;


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