Monday, April 18, 2011

16th april saturday post

Good day with some developments; First being offer for apsrtc offer emailed them for discussion;By evening settled with 10 k; Morning payment from Document writer settled; Met ideal images lady and seen stock there;News of Document Writers diary;new pLces exposure for the day scooter help noted; Dys id is timesfoods;GTa idea of kajal foundation;Youtube songs enjoyed one song is with me;

By night unexpected problem erupted at home;Failure at chikkadpalli sro office but seen list from 1980 sros;

17th april sundays post;

Mostly at home some what boring day;evening one sided cricket match also bored up fuether;5 dailies scan for the day was good thing for the day; Gopals call and related tention about trigliserides in body; night milk missed; tiredness for the day;head pains continued;Chicken food for the day; care and service by gta; Calls to gta cell; Huge tiffen at morning; no net for the day; some names written;Attention from GTa on my health was good; Lot of ads in eenadu seen;new catridge for insulin loaded by GTa;


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